seoVSpppcAccording to a  Utah SEO Company – Internet marketers use several methods for their marketing campaigns. Two of the most popular are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

SEO Campaign

SEO campaigns make use of search engine results in order to sell their products. These campaigns use various tools and strategies to make their products and services more visible on search engine results pages (SERP). Since the largest and most popular search engine is Google, internet marketers follow guidelines which ensure that Google properly indexes their website and help ensure that the site has a good page rank.

SEO campaigns also depend on other strategies which help make the site rank higher. Nowadays, the best results come from having regular site updates and informative articles. Engaging visitors or compelling internet users to comment and share is another strategy which internet marketers aim for.

Aside from these by-the-book methods, SEO campaigns also make use of back linking strategies. Back linking is a method where a one-way link is created on another website which points back to the promoted site. This method was popular a few years back. Although it is no longer as popular, it is still used for some niches, and in some instances, mainstream industries use back linking in a careful and calculated manner.

Ranking high on the SERP for a given keyword is the main aim of an SEO campaign. This means that organic searches would find the promoted page on the first, second or third page of the SERP. A website which appears on the first few pages of a SERP has a better chance of getting the clicks from a potential customer.

PPC Campaign

A PPC campaign, on the other hand, uses paid advertising spots. These spots are usually found in SERP but above the organic search results. There are designated spots on a page, either above the search results or on the sidebar. PPC banners and text ads also appear on web-based emails or on social media and social networking site side bars. A popular website might also run PPC-backed banner areas in order to run advertising campaigns.

The idea behind a PPC campaign is to show a banner or a text ad which, when clicked, would open a landing page on the promoted site. The landing page is usually a sales page, but it can also be a survey, a poll, another ad, or a sales pitch for the campaign.

A PPC ad starts with a company “buying” ad space based on keywords. The advertiser includes a list of keywords, which becomes the basis for showing the ad on a page. The owner of the banner site, or the search engine which runs the ads, has an ongoing bid process where they would rotate or show the banner from the winning bid. Whichever company would pay the most for the keyword would have their ads appear on the advertising space. This would go on, until the number of clicks has been reached.

A PPC campaign does not need to have a search engine optimized website. In some instances, it does not even need to have a full-fledged website. Minisites as landing pages have been used with good results in the past. (5 tips to improve your company’s email marketing)

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Most Common Mistakes Made With SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, you need to be careful with the SEO strategies that you employ. This is because as studies show, many people unknowingly commit several mistakes that end up costing them. Because of this, it is important to understand some of the SEO mistakes that you need to watch out for. The main aim of optimizing your website is to get the best results out of it and so, it only makes sense when you achieve your goals within the desired time. Here are some of the most common mistakes made with SEO.  Working with firms like The Boss – SEO in Salt Lake City, will insure your SEO success.

oopsLimiting yourself to one search engine

There are many search engines used by web browsers. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to using search engines and so, one of the mistakes that you can ever make is to limit yourself to one. When you optimize the site just for one search engine, you can be sure that all the visitors who prefer to use the others will not find your site. In fact, the engine that you think is the most popular may not be the one that is most preferred among your target audience and so, you should try hard to optimize for as many as possible

Wrong choice of keywords

One of the biggest pillars of good SEO is keywords. These are the phrases that people use when they are searching for information that is related to your site. They will use a variation of keywords and so, you need to carry out some research in order to understand the words that are most suitable for you. You also can combine them with long tail keywords so as to get to a wider audience. The good thing however is that there usually are several online tools that can help you to come up with the most appropriate keywords.

Not understanding your niche

Every website has its own niche. You also should know your niche when doing search engine optimization because with SEO, it maters a lot. For instance, if you are doing a website about weight loss, then you should ensure that it is optimized to meet the searches from people who are interested in it. It will make no sense when you optimize your site to a general audience because at the end of it, you will notice that most of those who find it are not even interested in what you are offering or what you are selling.

Forgetting about your location

Your target location is very important in SEO. There definitely is that geographical location where your targeted audience is. This is the location that you should include in you optimization so that you get clients who are from that specific area. If you are targeting people from a certain city, there is nothing that you will gain if most of those who click through to your site are from other cities. If this happens, you only will have wasted your time and resources on things that are not even close to what you need.

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Best Local SEO Tips

Using Local SEO Properly

There are two types of searches, generic and local. For any online business it is important to rank high for both. The local SEO can deliver targeted customers to both the physical business location and the business’s website. That’s why it is important to plan a local SEO strategy and understand the instrumental components in delivering high local rankings.

The search inquires made on smartphones continue to increase and for this reason local SEO is vital to make your business easy to found on mobile devices. Using local SEO properly can ensure that your customers searching both on personal computers and mobile devices can find your business. 

Best local Utah SEO results can be achieved if your advertising campaign make use of proper keyword research. It is important to find the keywords that can ensure the highest conversion rates rather than only focusing on keywords with high search volume.

You also need to perform onsite optimization for the best search results. Once you identify your best keywords you need to make sure that your business website is optimized for your chosen keywords. The meta description, title tag, header tags, and images should be adjusted for your targeted keywords. However, your website should not be stuffed with the main keywords and its content needs to be written for visitors instead of search engines. Look at the services of some of the industries best SEO Professionals.  It is recommended to also include a contact page on your business website where you provide your contact details and business physical address.

Your local SEO strategy should include business profile pages on Bing Places for Business and Google+. These listings will appear on top of the Bing and Google search results, showing your business location on the map. Create complete profiles that include videos and pictures, and fill in all the business details.

Encourage your website visitors and customers to write reviews of your business, service and products provided on your website and on specialized review websites such as Yelp.

List your business in local business directories such as or Use quality listings instead of quantity and focus only on the top directory sites.

Link building also play its role in local SEO and again quality is more important than quantity. Get high quality links from authority sites. Incorporating info graphics and high quality user engaging content help to build links naturally because they encourage social sharing.

You cannot achieve good local SEO results overnight. You need to commit to your local SEO strategy and consistently follow through with hard work in order to see good local search results.